Certified Leadership & Organization Expert

Why is further training in organisational development relevant? The organisational forms of the 20th century often no longer meet the requirements of the 21st century. Useful assistance, which goes beyond general and little founded statements, is so far scarce. With pure soft skills and coaching tools they achieve a maximum of symptom treatment. This is why our courses on organizational design are also about tools based on organizational theory. In the foreground is the concern to understand the economical connections and to be able to arrange actually lastingly. In addition to this improvement in added value, the focus in this further training course on organisational development is on the structural facilitation of an increase in employee satisfaction as well as on methods for efficient reorganisation.

Certified Leadership & Organization Expert

Certified Programme Leadership & Organization

Organisational design is one of the core tasks of management and is thus a classic cross-sectional function. Contrary to the great practical importance, however, reorganisations are often not approached systematically. Additional uncertainty is currently created by the fact that previous best practices in organisational design are being fundamentally questioned. Against this background, the Certified Executive Programme “Certified Organization Design Expert” offers the necessary tools for the management of complex organizations.

Your Professor

My personal motivation for the program? Quite simple: Fascination for the question how numerous people work together and how this can be controlled in a goal-oriented way. There are no simple answers to this. However, at Quadriga University we work together in small learning groups to develop the conceptual essentials for organizational design and leadership, apply important methods and tools, and learn from and with each other in an intensive exchange.

Professor of Business Economics, with a focus on Corporate Governance & Organisation
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences


Lecturer in negotiation and psychology
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Vice President Organization Development
Deutsche Telekom AG
Head of Corporate Organization

Why a Certified MBA Course?

Learn more about the concept, participants and evaluation of our Certified MBA Courses, as well as options of how you can tailor the modules to your needs.

The two modules in detail

Our Certified MBA Courses consist of two modules, which you can also take individually. Here you will find the module contents and dates. After your application, our study advisors will contact you to discuss the programme details with you.

Organizational Development

Designing Effective Organizations

Content of module

  • What are the main design options for organizational structures on a corporate, business unit and functional level?
  • How can we coordinate organizational interfaces to accommodate cross-unit processes
  • What kind of new organizational forms have appeared? Will they substitute classical hierarchical forms?
  • Which concepts are useful to stay agile and lean?
  • How can we systematically evaluate alternative organizational forms in order to reach sound decisions?
  • Is it possible to conduct more encompassing assessments of an organization’s ‘health’?
  • What kind of tools can be applied in organization design projects?


11.03.2021 to 14.03.2021
08.04.2021 to 11.04.2021
= 8 Attendance days
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Individual price: 4900 EUR (excl. VAT)
ECTS-Points: 6

Organizational Leadership

Managing Organizational Behavior

Content of module

  • What are important determinants of employee satisfaction and motivation?
  • In what way will the design of jobs have to change?
  • Understanding the tasks of a leader and critically reflect the role of leadership from a contemporary perspective.
  • Which are the essential building blocks of performance management systems, including hard and soft controls?
  • What are tools and methods to successfully manage reorganizations as changes processes?
  • How to view the organization through the lens of information streams?
  • How can I be effective in negotiations that come along with reorganizations?
  • How to solve conflicts which often accompany reorganizations?


29.04.2021 to 02.05.2021
20.05.2021 to 23.05.2021
= 8 Attendance days
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Individual price: 4900 EUR (excl. VAT)
ECTS-Points: 7

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