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Quadriga Hochschule Studienstart René Seidenglanz
2018, 16 November
Start of Studies 2018: excitement, graffiti and digital Transformation What does it mean to become a leader in VUCA environments and how can the digital transformation be used? Highly relevant questions. Vice President René Seidenglanz took them up in his welcoming...
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2018, 29 October
Advisory Board for Organization Design meets for working session In spring, another advisory board was formed at Quadriga University: The new specialization in MBA Leadership with a focus on organizational design and development is also accompanied by a top-...
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2018, 10 October
Successful Marketing in 2018 - what it needs, what it takes. What do successful marketing teams look like? We all know it: company leaders pilgrimage in droves to start-ups to learn how to unhinge entire markets with customer- and benefit-focused...
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