Certified Digital Business Transformation Expert

There are lots of executive education courses on digitalisation out there. That is why we at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin decided to not only design our digital transformation courses to serve as certifications, but also to develop a targeted Certified Executive Programme with start-ups, tech innovators, digital product managers and chief digital officers to make it easier to learn about and tackle the full breadth of digital transformation. The Certified Digital Strategist programme helps you to understand the trends behind digital markets and how to develop digital strategies, while the Certified Digital Leader programme teaches you how to manage, control and implement the digitalisation of processes and organisations.

Certified Digital Business Transformation Expert

Certificate Programme Digital Business Transformation

Digitalisation has a fundamental influence on the economy. Young and innovative companies are entering the market. Some of them are completely removed from the market and production and take on the leading role. Faster innovation cycles place new demands on classic tasks, strategic orientation and working methods. In order to manage the challenges of the dynamic environment in your business area, new approaches to everyday work are required. In addition, working conditions and the expectations of employees and top performers are changing in the direction of free, self-determined work. This requires the development of a new digital way of thinking and working. First the new markets and trends must be recognized, in order to understand the challenges. In addition, the aim of the certificate course is to provide managers and decision-makers with knowledge about current trends in the digital markets and changes in the business areas. In addition, tools for new ways of working are interactively conveyed. In order to implement the findings directly in the company, the participants learn new organizational forms and incentive systems.

Your Professor

A comprehensive understanding of technological innovations and digital opportunities is the scientific and entrepreneurial basis for a digital, successful and continuously evolving organization. With the latest knowledge, strategies and methods – provided by the MBA Leadership & Digital Business Transformation – the Certified Executive Program enables students to take a leading role in the digital transformation process of their organization.

Professor for digital transformation
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences


Managing Director
Durstexpress GmbH
Founder & Managing Director
Professor for Business Administration, especially Human Resource Management and Organization
Wiesbaden Business School

Why a CEP?

Learn more about the concept, participants and evaluation of our Certified Executive Programmes, as well as options of how you can tailor the modules to your needs.

The two modules in detail

Our Certified Executive Programmes consist of two modules, which you can also take individually. Here you will find the module contents and dates. After your application, our study advisors will contact you to discuss the programme details with you.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Content of module

  • Understanding of digital markets and trends (technology scouting)
  • Developing a digital strategy
  • New agile organisation and working forms
  • Methods of business modelling
  • Requirements for traditional departments through digitalisation (venture incubation)



11.03.2020 to 14.03.2020
02.04.2020 to 05.04.2020
= 8 Attendance days
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Individual price: 4900 EUR (excl. VAT)
ECTS-Points: 6

Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership & Transformation

Content of module

  • Building agile processes and organisation structures
  • Use of modern collaboration, analysis and simulation tools
  • Implementation of data-based business models in the own organisational area
  • Learning transformational leadership style
  • Application of Business Analytics in the value chain


30.04.2020 to 03.05.2020
23.05.2020 to 26.05.2020
= 8 Attendance days
+ Online sessions
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Individual price: 4900 EUR (excl. VAT)
ECTS-Points: 7

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