Profit Improvement through Pricing Excellence Increasing EBIT through international pricing optimization

Pricing has the strongest impact on profitability compared to all other profit levers. Still, only a minority of companies manages prices in a systematic and professional way. Increasing price transparency, digitalization of revenue models and the professionalization of buyers is boosting the pressure on prices. There is a clear need to have professional price management in place. Professional price management requires clear pricing and discounting rules, established pricing processes, pricing responsibilities, margin-driven incentive systems and an efficient price controlling mechanism.


10:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

  • Which profit levers exist and why pricing has the strongest impact
  • What are the key elements of professional pricing
  • What works and what does not work in practice
  • Key elements of an international price strategy
  • Key elements of price setting for products and services
  • Key elements of price realization including discounting
  • How to enable a price organization
  • How to impose prices in negotiations

CEOs, Board Members, General Managers, COO, CSO, CMO, Sales Directors as well as managers and experts who are confronted with pricing questions and need to find approaches to increase their company‘s profitability through a long-term sustainable pricing strategy.

  • Case studies,
  • best and worst practices,
  • deep dives,
  • exercises,
  • feedback and tips provided by the speakers

You understand how to succeed managing prices in challenging environments. You will get a complete overview on how to optimize pricing on an international level in order to create sustainable value for your organization.



09.12.2019, Frankfurt am Main
990 € 1





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