The professors at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin enable the study programmes’ participants to intensely work with case studies while at the same time demanding comprehensive, innovative and strategic approaches and solutions. Relying onto many years of experience in their own professional practice and teachings, the professors continuously spur on passionate discussions within the courses while also incorporating daily news, recent research results and perspectives from external experts. They equally inform their students about theoretical legalities and the latest developments in corporations. In so doing, they act as partners for the students, as a know-how-relais as well as managers of knowledge transfer.


Prof. Dr. Ana Adi

Professor for PR/Corporate Communications

Prof. Dr. Nikolas Beutin

Professor for Business Economics, in particular Sales and Pricing

Prof. Dr. Christian Gärtner

Professor for Business Administration, in particular Digital Transformation & Leadership

Prof. Dr. Jens Grundei

Professor for Business Economics, in particular Corporate Governance & Organisation

Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutzmer

Professor for Communication and Media Culture

Prof. Dr. Torsten Oltmanns

Professor for Economics and Applied Economic Policy

Prof. Dr. Jörg K. Ritter

Professor for Business Economics, in particular Personnel Management

Prof. Dr. René Seidenglanz

Vice President of Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin / Professor for Communications, in particular Communication Management

Prof. Dr. Kristina Sinemus

Professor for Public Affairs and Political Communications

Prof. Dr. Christopher Storck

Professor for Strategy and Communication Management

Prof. Dr. Carolin Zeller

Professor of Political Science and Public Affairs