Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutzmer

Curriculum Vitae

Besides his work at Quadriga University, Prof. Alexander Gutzmer acts as editor-in-chief at the architecture magazine Baumeister and as editorial director at Callwey Publishing. His academic research focuses on content marketing and branding, digital media culture, the globalization of communication, smart cities and on the communicative potential of corporate architecture.

Alexander Gutzmer holds a business degree from Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin) and Warwick Business School. He complemented this with a master’s degree in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths College (University of London), followed by a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), based on a thesis about Gilles Deleuze’s und Peter Sloterdijk’s architectural theory.

Prof. Gutzmer earned his expertise in media and communication at renowned publishing houses. He worked as reporter and London correspondent for German newspaper Welt am Sonntag (Axel Springer), as editor-in-chief of of the German specialist magazine pressesprecher and of the management magazine think:act (Roland Berger Strategy Consultants). In this time, he also worked as editorial director at the Burda Creative Group (today C3).

A guest professor, he is teaching global communication at the Mexican business school Tecnológico de Monterrey.




In his research, Professor Gutzmer combines an understanding of a mediatized reality based on the British Cultural Studies with concepts of integrated communication as well as with market and media theory. Amongst his research topics are the following:

1. Media theory of content marketing

While content marketing certainly is a hot topic for marketing and communication practice, media theory has not engaged with it much as of yet. Just as much, the complexity of content marketing also has as of yet not been fully addressed by marketing theory. This is where Gutzmer wants to contribute. He questions how far media activities by companies or other organizations may be integrated into the structure of classical marketing approaches, and in how far media theory can help understanding them better.

His work is based on the hypothesis that when dealing with content marketing, classical sender-recipient theorems have to be rethought. Is a company that focuses on storytelling only a sender – or not rather also a recipient? And especially so when a content marketing strategy is not primarily related to print channels but very much based on social media mechanisms? Do corporations themselves act as media protagonists? This considered, the question is how we have to rethink a corporation’s role as a marketing player, given that when doing content marketing, there are many new complexities, arising from the linkages to the (previously dominating) media protagonists, the journalists.

2. Innovation, branding and the smart city

In open innovation theory, the role of corporations as drivers for technological, economic and social innovation is being reconceptualized. In that regard, research increasingly focuses on the city as a creative space. How does innovation originate in an urban context? Gutzmer analyses how corporations – as urban protagonists – remain respectively become drivers of incremental and disruptive innovation. In the course of an ever unfolding digitalization and of the idea of the smart city taking ground, he looks at the contemporary (business) culture as both a digital and decidedly spatial one. And he thinks through what this means for branding – not just for city branding, but for marketing and branding activities of all companies.

3. Architecture as communication

In cultural theory, the idea of a universal mediatization is being viewed rather critically. Also, when we look at the media-saturated contemporary reality, then instead of mediatization as a relatively homogenous meta process, many different and individual mediatization processes seem to occur. Following this idea, Gutzmer examines the media-related reconception of architecture in his research. He looks at the ways in which architecture can be interpreted in a media-related manner and how far it can serve as a medium. He links his analysis to the standard of research in the fields of both communication studies as well as marketing and especially branding.

4. Digital journalism

Often, digitalization is primarily seen as an economical process of change. From this perspective, journalists mostly seem to take the role of the victim. The journalistic space of possibilities presenting itself by the digitalization of culture and economics takes a backseat behind this approach. This is where Gutzmer will put his scientific focus on, striving to analyze the transformation of journalistic work in the light of new prospects and new (quality) standards currently taking root.





  • M.A. Communication & Leadership
  • MBA Communication & Leadership
  • MBA Public Affairs & Leadership
  • International MBA Communication & Leadership





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Selected Articles

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Public Presentations

October 7, 2015, Architektenkammer Niedersachsen, Hanover, Germany: Der Architekt und das „Land“ – eine schwierige Beziehung

Mai 5, 2015, Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden: Building media: the communicative complexities of Axel Springer’s new headquarters

September 20, 2014, Kommunikationskongress, Berlin, Germany: Corporate Architecture als Instrument der Unternehmenskommunikation?

June 5, 2013, Kongress der deutschen Fachpresse, Essen, Germany: Storystaging, Philosophytelling, oder: Zählt im Fachjournalismus eigentlich noch Qualität?

Dezember 8, 2011, Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar, Germany: Der Architekt und seine Medien

March 18, 2011, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK: Mediating Space. Brand building through brand buildings



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