50 Hertz

50Hertz Transmission is one of Germany‘s largest transmission system operators, located in Berlin.

The company runs the extra high voltage network in the German capital as well as in Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

50Hertz is partner of Quadriga University’s MBA Leadership & Human Resources programme.


The Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI/Federation of German Industries) is one of Germany’s leading organisations, its very own objective being an efficient while also open and accessible, responsible representation of interests of Germany’s economy. To the BDI, the MBA Public Affairs & Leadership degree programme epitomises its demand regarding a professional education of future leaders. The programme links versed professional knowledge in communication management with an understanding of political and social coherences as well as entrepreneurial thinking. To the BDI, this educational objective realises the idea of a modern public affairs manager. Therefore, the BDI supports said degree programme as a scholarship partner.

BMW Group

Corporate communications, to the BMW Group, is achieved by a targeted and responsible communication management: “As a globally operating automobile manufacturer, we think and act on a long-term basis. From our perspective, that requires a form of integrated communication which incorporates the demands of all stakeholders and further target groups, both domestic and abroad.”

The MBA Communication & Leadership captures this comprehensive understanding upon promoting future communication experts. Thus, the BMW Group supports the degree programme as a scholarship partner.

Communication Director

Communication Director is a quarterly magazine for in-house corporate communications and public relations in Europe. Published in English, it features articles by corporate heads at some of Europe's largest companies, as well as by leading academics and other thought-leaders in the field of communications. The magazine documents opinions on important strategic questions in communication, discovers transnational developments and discusses their relevance from a European perspective.

Deutsche Presseakademie

The Deutsche Presseakademie (depak) is one of the brands incorporated within Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin as well as partner of the Quadriga Media Network. As one of Germany’s largest advanced training providers for public relations and communication management, the academy makes a significant contribution to a comprehensive and continual professionalisation of the occupational field of public relations and communication management for communication managers in corporations, institutions, associations and agencies. The degree programmes, e-learning courses, seminars and conferences cover a wide spectrum of classic and innovative topics in the PR and communication management sector.


The merging with Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin allows the participants to profit from a shared advanced training network and know-how in the fields of communication management, marketing, political management and leadership.


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Egon Zehnder

Egon Zehnder is one of the world’s leading personnel-recruiting agencies. Founded in 1964 in Zurich, Switzerland, the corporation by now numbers 400 consultants at 69 locations around the globe.

Egon Zehnder is partner of the MBA Leadership & Human Resources programme.

European Association of Communication Directors (EACD)

The European Association of Communication Directors (EACD) wants to attract, inspire and engage current and future communication leaders to drive excellence in our profession. Recognising the growing importance of communications, we offer the professionals a platform to connect, deepen their expertise, share best practice, establish and promote relevant standards.

Transnational communication is a management task of increasing importance within the ever-changing European and global communities. For communicators in multinational companies, associations, institutions and politics, a global perspective is crucial in their strategic and practical work. Additionally, it is just as important to build networks across cultural, political and linguistic borders, allowing Communication Directors and Spokespersons to exchange experiences, opinions, and knowledge.

The European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), founded in Brussels in November 2006 by over 100 in-house communicators from 23 countries, is the network for communication professionals from all fields across Europe. It was established to promote diversity, overcome cultural barriers and formulate communicative norms in order to ensure quality and foster professionalism in communications. The association currently has over 2,300 members.

The Association meets the needs of communication professionals working internationally, and provides them with support in facing the exciting new challenges they deal with in the global arena. The world of communications is constantly in flux as new technologies and changing global dynamics influence the way communicators work. With this in mind, the Association is committed to providing flexible support, with the continual input and feedback of its members.


Knauf is counted among the leading manufacturers of construction materials in Europe, the corporation’s production facilities and marketing organisations being represented at over 220 locations worldwide.

Knauf is partner of the MBA Leadership & Human Resources programme.

Metro Group

METRO is a leading international specialist in wholesale and food retail. The company operates in 35 countries and employs more than 150,000 people worldwide. In financial year 2016/17, METRO generated sales of around € 37 billion. The company provides custom solutions to meet the regional and international needs of its wholesale and retail customers. With its sales brands METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry and Real as well as delivery services and digitalization initiatives METRO sets the standards for tomorrow: for customer focus, digital solutions and sustainable business models.


Quadriga Forum

Quadriga Forum is Quadriga University’s conference and seminar centre. Spreading over 1,200 square metres and two floors, it presents itself with an appealing atrium, a conference hall and eight seminar and workshop rooms. The university’s event team is specialised in the planning, preparation, realisation and follow-up of business events. In addition to event organisation and catering, Quadriga Forum’s services also include invitation and participation management.

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Telefonica stands for candour as well as a broad professional dialogue on modern communication. UdL Digital makes them a pioneer regarding innovative communication while reinforcing the debate concerning the political dimension of economic engagement.

The MBA Communication & Leadership agrees with Telefonica’s claim towards a professional education of future leaders who are aware of their responsibility. The degree programme combines expert knowledge in communication management with an understanding of both social contexts and entrepreneurial thinking. Thus, Telefonica supports this particular master programme at Quadriga University as a scholarship partner.