Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt is hosting the “Berlin Summit: Public Affairs Trend Lab”

Friday, 2017, February 3
International Public Affairs Summit at the Quadriga University on February 16th & 17th

"How to advice politicians in the times of populist movements, digital platforms and diverging corporate interests? How does the corporate strategy of a company become visible through the company’s efforts in public affairs? Which ways are promising to lead to success?” These questions – and this is only a selection of an extensive summit-schedule – are pressing these days and will be discussed during the 'Berlin Sumit: Public Affairs Trend Lab'. Host of the summit is Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt, Professor of Digital Transformation & Politics at the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences.

“To be credible in political communication in times of populistic movements it has become increasingly important to know the latest trends. At the Berlin Summit: Public Affairs Trend Lab, international as well as German-based companies and associations from various industries will present the most important trends and facts. Whether an exciting glimpse into founding an aviation association on the European level, or how global players act on European markets – the Public Affairs Summit will enlighten these topics in workshops and presentations from different angles and perspectives. Everyone who wants to know what is going on in Public Affairs on an international level shouldn’t miss the Trend Lab.”, says Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt.

Berlin has become the centre for public affairs in Europe. Understanding public affairs in Europe’s economic powerhouse and discovering the latest trends is at the core of the conference. During two intensive days’ experts in the field of politics, public affairs and communications will analyse, discuss and share their knowledge on current questions and trends in politics and successful campaigning. 15 companies and agencies will hold presentations and take workshops displaying the latest trends and communications channels.

Additionally, a field trip to the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament of Germany) is part of the programme. At the Bundestag, a private guided tour will take place. Afterwards, all participants have the chance to discuss current trends and topics with members of the Parliament in an exclusive Round Table.

The keynote speakers Jens Spahn, MP – Federal Ministry of Finance Parliamentary State Secretary, Mark Hauptmann, MP – Member of the Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy, and Dr. Klaus Schüler, CDU Germany General Manager will share valuable knowledge and open up the perfect opportunity to further discuss the national or European dimension of the subject matter.

Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun, Professor for Political Science, International Politics and Public Affairs at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences, will kick off the summit with a 101-lecture on “Public Affairs in Berlin”.