New issue of the Berlin Marketing Journal

Tuesday, 2017, July 25
A magazine on the future of marketing from Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutzmer

The Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin has published the second issue of the Berlin Marketing Journal. The publication is released once a year, with a focus on the future of marketing. In at time of political turbulence, the magazine addresses the relationship between marketing, politics and society. “The world of political communication is changing rapidly. Marketing is not immune to this. But it can also benefit from a wide scale view,” says Alexander Gutzmer, professor of communication and media at the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin and editor-in-chief of the magazine. The magazine is published with articles and contributions in English and German. The issue can be ordered via this link.

In this issue international experts contribute essays highlighting central questions in the transformation of marketing. Nikolas Beutin, professor of business administration at the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin, challenges the traditional separation of marketing and sales. The Australian brand marketing strategist Sérgio Brodsky discusses the development of the his "Urban Brand Utility" approach. WWF communication representative Astrid Deilmann is critical about the hype surrounding influencer marketing, and content marketer Christian Fill addresses the controversy in the relationship between content marketing and journalism.

A fundamental premise of the Berlin Marketing Journal is that marketing can learn from the world of start-ups. Therefore, a spotlight is once again shined upon a startup metropolis – this time Tel Aviv. Three reports present exciting startups from Tel Aviv. Torben Werner, publisher of the magazine and managing director of Quadriga: "In times of digitalization, markets and business models are changing more quickly than ever before. In this space, startups also show established companies how to achieve success quickly – globally. This is why the Berlin Marketing Journal has an international focus."

The magazine is divided into various formats, with which the university presents thoughts for the future of marketing. A highlight is sure to be the next Marketing Management Conference taking place from 30 November to 1 December in Berlin.