Ceremonial Address by Federal Minister Peter Altmaier, MP, for Quadriga Day

Monday, 2016, July 18
Head of the German Federal Chancellery is guest at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin

The Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin welcomed Federal Minister Peter Altmaier, MP, as the guest of honour for Quadriga Day on July 14, 2016. In his keynote address the head of the Federal Chancellery spoke about the courage required for digitalisation, new technological challenges and political change.

“The world is changing and policy must accompany this change,” said Altmaier. “Nobody in politics decides whether digitalisation progresses.” Altmaier referenced the prevailing public scepticism when the first mobile phones arrived on the market year ago, quoting a former colleague who appeared unreceptive to “new” technologies: "I don't always want to be available, I already have a landline phone in the office and at home after all." Whereas once leaflets were distributed, today politicians have embraced mobile and social media, clearly demonstrated by Altmaier, the "Twitter Pioneer" in the Bundestag. He spoke further on opportunities offered through e-governance, citing Estonia as a leader in this area.

In addition to increased political participation through social media Altmaier praised the opportunities for rapid and sophisticated information gathering now possible: "If you have a good timeline on Twitter, you are updated by the second". The Federal Minister also emphasized the role of Germany in the refugee crisis, promoting a humanitarian approach over economic interests. Altmaier cautioned that in an interdependent and globalized world, a nationalistic mindset is a step backwards.

We sincerely thank Peter Altmaier for his keynote address and inspirational words!

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