Mission Statement

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin is distinctly conscious of the infinity of modern management. Modern management knows neither national nor contentual limitations but rather takes global action whilst integrating a wide variety of disciplines and standards.

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin educates managers who stand up to current and future challenges within a diversified and still changing world and which they, as managers, can help further shape in a well-versed manner. With a leadership structure focusing on stakeholders and thus on communication in the fields of economics, politics, and society, the university carries out interdisciplinary knowledge transfer, practice-oriented research, as well as professional networking strategies to ensure successful career development.  By utilising the pillars of research, teaching, and publication, Quadriga imparts an understanding of leadership that allows for a unified management approach regarding Human Resources, market, organisational and political communication structures, requiring the integration of various management roles through smart communication.


Word of Welcome by the President

Ladies and Gentlemen,

These days, the standard and continuous analysis regarding the world becoming increasingly complex, uptempo and, for that matter, more hazardous, is probably more applicable than ever. Each and every found answer seems to be followed by a new question. Old certainties disappear; established knowledge and goods lose their significance. In order to accept and furthermore mould the rising challenges, we need solutions. And yet, developing those solutions requires comprehensive competencies. Thereby, the known skills may not be utilised as if time had never affected them. On the contrary, personal strategies and tools need to continuously be improved and refined. It is only true that lifelong learning is a must, as much of a strained concept that might be. However, deciding upon a suitable partner in regards to advanced training solutions should not be taken lightly.

The University’s study programmes aim to combine the highest possible professional competencies of the lecturers as well as the excellence of their teachings with the strong intent of a passionate and ambitious audience to continuously improve their knowledge. With their own expertise and hard work, the students complement what experienced experts, renowned scientists and prestigious practitioners have successfully developed. Be it an MBA and M.A. Communication & Leadership, MBA Public Affairs & Leadership or an MBA Leadership & Human Resources – men and women of conviction tend to these programmes: Advancing one’s personal professionalisation, extending one’s toolbox of skills, and working out solutions for real scenarios – that is what makes our students thrive. Providence and depth of field, masterful problem-solving competencies and the managerial strength and capability to lead are our students’ features for success. Building on that idea are the extensive funding programmes for students which the University, in collaboration with its partners, has originated.


Prof. Peter Voß