Mentors play a key role regarding Quadriga’s teachings. Our mentors are experienced and renowned practitioners, foremost from the fields of communication management, media, politics and human resources management, amongst them also members of the university’s Board of Trustees.

Every student (mentee) is assigned a mentor. The mentoring process is also designed to build an interpersonal advisory relationship between mentor and mentee. The mentor supports the mentee on questions regarding personal career management, gives practical insights, imparts relevant contacts as well as extended access to various networks. Insofar, the mentoring programme directly complements the education process at Quadriga. Mentees not only attain important impulses for their professional advancement through personal contact with their mentors, but even more so they learn more about themselves, their skills and competencies as much as their chances and perspectives.

Following the initial kick-off phase, the mentoring process spans throughout the entire course of studies. During this time frame, mentor and mentee meet on a regular basis by individual arrangement.

Please see here all mentors of the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences.