MBA Leadership & Sales Management

Sales managers are communicative and performance-oriented, innovative and agile: In close alignment with leading industry representatives, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin developed the MBA Leadership & Sales Management, whereby the degree programme significantly sharpens and further expands the above range of competencies. The acquired know-how and the utilisation of the programme’s specific tool box qualifies graduates for managerial functions far beyond sales-specific tasks.

Study Concept


Management as a key role

As one of the most dynamic and highly efficient departments, sales management takes a key role within a corporation’s structure, be it in its original sales sector as also for questions regarding the implementation and further development of corporate strategies, or as for the sustainable design of products and their respective markets.


Leadership Ability through targeted Potential Analysis

Profound self-reflection of one’s own managerial function and potential is crucial and one of the most important tasks as to further improve sales management as a strategic actor. Potential hereby refers to personal characteristics and leadership abilities, them giving an indication on whether a professional is about to find success by taking on a greater role and more responsibility. The programme’s key objective is the individual advancement of all criteria regarding a person’s potential, so as to empower students to masterfully manage extensive and complex tasks.


Target Group

The MBA programme is primarily aimed at interested parties from corporations, institutions and organisations, all characterised by professional structures of distribution, who have qualified as potential managers due to their vocational success. Besides looking back on a first university degree, applicants also need to have gained several years of professional experience. The programme is not only open to persons with high potential in sales management but also to those from other areas of activity.



Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Language of Instruction

English / German 



The MBA Leadership & Sales Management comprises eight modules and the final assignment (thesis).


Corporate Strategy & Managerial Economics

The module deals with certain business aspects which need to be understood in order to carry out managerial functions: strategic management, organisational theory and change management. In addition to the importance of governance systems, the influence of economic parameters on a company's or organisation's scope of action will be discussed.

Management of Accounting, Finance, Controlling & Law

Through the lectures, students will become familiar with operational areas that sales and organisation developers need to internalise, so as to play a decisive role in corporate management: Accounting, investment and financing. Students are taught how to use financial controlling instruments regarding incentive structures and performance measurement.

& Operations

To improve a sales sector’s business-oriented approach, personnel and organisational development managers must have an understanding of which processes and structures within a company create value and secure competitiveness. This module provides an introduction to the structural parameters of production processes and outlines the targeted utilisation of management tools.

Marketing, Sales & Servicemanagement

The course familiarises with tasks and processes within a corporation that are primarily market- or customer-oriented: product and service management, sales and marketing. The module demonstrates various possibilities of designing an organisation's service portfolio, geared specifically to its target group.

Communication-based Leadership

The module provides an introduction to the tasks, operating methods and principles of communication management. The topic’s well-founded impartation concludes with practical exercises which are to improve managerial communication skills in different contexts.

Competence & Potential-based Leadership

Modules 1-5 conclude with the creation of professional job profiles and functions. These are used as input so as to coordinate managerial tasks in all departmental areas with the corporate strategy within the framework of strategic skills management and potential analysis. For this purpose, personnel development tools are put to the test.

Strategic Sales Management and Leadership

The module is dedicated to the different dimensions of strategic sales management within the company and focuses in particular on Digital Sales Strategy & CRM and will be held in Boston (USA).

Organisational Integration of Sales Management and Leadership

In addition to Innovative Sales Analytics, Pricing for Sales Management, the module also includes a special negotiation and value-selling training. The module concludes with special requirements to shape sales management as a leader.

Admission Requirements

In order to take up a course of studies at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin, certain qualifications are required:

1. A successfully completed degree, qualifying for a profession (e.g. diploma, master’s, state examination or bachelor)

  • Applicants must have earned at least 240 ECTS credits. In general, the necessary credits will have been earned with a magister, diploma or master’s degree.
  • Upon application (e.g. if you have a bachelor degree or comparable that does not provide the required credits), relevant work experience can serve as a substitute for part of the required academic credits. Please speak with the student advisors.

2. Minimum of three years work experience in a relevant field, of which two years post-graduation

  • You can both either have spent the entire period in the same position or changed your position.
  • In either case, the work experience will be converted to a full-time position. If you held part-time positions, those will only count proportionately.
    Example: You worked half-time for one year – this would count for six months of professional experience.

3. Specialised knowledge requirements for the MBA Leadership & Sales Management

  • Applicants to the MBA Leadership & Sales Management should bring along relevant professional experience in the sales management sector or possess substantial experience regarding sales-relevant processes in other areas of activity.

4. Excellent command of English

  • To take up your studies at Quadriga, you need to prove sufficient knowledge of the English language. Thus, a TOEFL shall be submitted with a result of at least 80 points (internet-based), thereby the test must not be older than two years when starting the degree programme. Quadriga University’s institution code for TOEFL is 6989.

If you would like to do a different English test or prove your English skills in another form, please first consult with the directors of studies at the university.

Course Structure & Dates

Overview on the course structure

Duration of study: 18 months (extra-occupational)

On-campus attendance: Approx. 46 days (in Berlin)

Study trip: 6 days (in Boston)


Important dates (class of 2018)

Application deadline: 15 May 2018

Assessments: May and June 2018

Course start date: 18 June 2018

Fees, Financing & Scholarship

Total Fees:

Tuition fees: 32.000 EUR*

Enrolment fee: 500 EUR*

*exempt from VAT


Financing Options

Scholarship Programmes

Quadriga University offers its students a number of scholarships. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please first confer with the university’s directors of studies to obtain information on our scholarship partners and to look at your chances to receive a scholarship. Furthermore, MBA and M.A. students may be offered various ways of funding.

Financing Through the Employer

A number of sponsoring models make sure to organise financial support of the studies at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin by the employer. A binding clause guaranteeing partial or total repayment binds the employee to their company for a certain period of time. In return, the employer covers the study fees and additional costs of the studies completely or partially. Sponsorship offers an ideal opportunity for talent management within modern and innovative personnel management. Talents are purposefully and consistently promoted. Since Quadriga’s study programmes are part-time degree courses, the sponsored employee remains a full member of the work force for the company. The sponsorship model calls on an employer's confidence in their employees and honours the work done to date.

Financing Through Student/Education Loans

Students are provided with financial assistance in the form of education or student loans, which are granted by public or private sponsors. The main advantage of such loans over conventional bank loans is their lower interest rate. An education loan is usually granted without other collateral, as it is calculated based on expected earnings after graduation.

Financing Through Education Funds

Education funds are offered privately and are a form of educational funding that allows for maximum flexibility, independently from bank obligations. The financial support thereby covers cost of living, tuition fees and stays abroad. The repayment terms are negotiated individually and determined based on expected future earnings. With education funds, interest and repayments do not apply and, therefore, the maximum amount of repayment is limited.

Tax Deductibility of Tuition Fees as Training Costs

Studying at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin serves the purpose of a professional qualification in communication management and public affairs and is therefore, by law, considered as professional development. As a consequence, tuition fees at Quadriga University as well as further additional costs, such as textbooks and periodicals, study materials and travel expenses, are deductible as business expenses in the annual tax return. However, binding information from a tax counselor or tax lawyer should be collected regarding country-specific distinctions.

Individual Payment Agreements with the University

In addition to the above listed options, you may of course also be offered to draw up an individual payment plan with the university. Here, distinct conditions for a payment period going beyond the duration of the study programme or special rates and repayments can by laid down. The directors of study will be happy to provide more information on corresponding possibilities.


It is of great importance to Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin for the participants of the degree programmes to be qualified, motivated and goal-oriented. Thus, a multistage application process is conducted. This helps to ensure that all participants of Quadriga University Berlin's degree programmes share the necessary qualifications for an ideal and successful course of study. Furthermore, the university wants to lay the foundation for successful learning with one another within the study group


Application Process

The application process at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin is divided into five stages:

Personal Consultation

The student counsellors at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin will be happy to assist you and to provide all the necessary information on the application process. Please start your application process with a personal consultation with one of our student advisors, either by e-mail, phone, or in person at the university premises in Berlin.


Submit the necessary documents to the university. The application documents are available for download here. Consulting the checklist, you can see if you have all of the required application documents.


Based on the documents received, those applicants will be selected who qualify for a degree programme at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin and who then will be invited for a personal interview. All other applicants will receive a letter of rejection.

The assessment usually takes place about two weeks after the application closing date, at Quadriga campus.

During the assessment, which will last approximately one hour, university representatives will conduct an intensive interview with you. The following assessment is to ensure that the applicants fulfil the necessary criteria to successfully complete the chosen degree programme. Therefore, the assessment addresses both the applicants' professional expertise and their personal motivation to enrol for their chosen degree programme.


If after the interview we are still positively convinced of your suitability and motivation, you will receive a written letter of acceptance from the university together with a training contract for your selected degree programme.


As soon as you have mailed back your signed training contract and have submitted all other documents, you will be officially enrolled at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin and initially receive a certificate of enrolment. Your student identity card will then be mailed to you within approx. four weeks.



Application Documents

In this section you will find an overview of all documents to be included in your application. The intention is to assist you in compiling all of the required documents. Please download the checklist which you can enclose with your application.


You must submit the following documents when applying:

Completed Application Form

Please use the official application form to provide all necessary personal information as well as your past educational and professional experience.

You find the application form here:

Curriculum Vitae (tabular form) with passport photo

Please give a brief outline of your key life stages (max. 1 page) and add a passport photo.

Proof of Academic Degree

Please include an officially certified copy of the diploma/graduation certificate from your first academic degree in your application (in case you earned several degrees: officially certified copies of all previously acquired academic degrees).

If you have acquired less than 240 ECTS credits during your academic training so far (especially bachelor degrees with 180 ECTS credits), your professional experience may serve by way of a substitute to count for up to 60 credits.

Proof of Professional Experience

You need at least three years of professional experience in order to be admitted to a degree programme at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Please include relevant certificates respectively letters of reference in your application.

Proof of English Language Skills

Please provide evidence of an adequate command of English through a successfully completed TOEFL (80 points, internet-based). On the day of the test, please provide the institution code for Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin (6989) so that the results will be sent directly to the university.

Personal Statement

Please include a motivational letter of approximately one page in length explaining why you are interested in the intended degree programme at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Also, please describe your future goals for the time after you have successfully completed your degree and how the programme’s contentual focus aligns with your future career planning.

Letter of Reference

Please enclose a letter of reference from a superior or somebody in a comparable position who can both evaluate your strengths and weaknesses from a professional perspective and state how and why the successful completion of the degree programme will further your career planning (approx. one page).