Institute for Research of Professional Activity Fields

Intensive research over the past years has provided the Institute for Research of Professional Activity Fields at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin with a profound knowledge of and diverse approaches to the professional activity fields of sales management, human resources/personnel management, PR/communication management, marketing management, compliance management and IT governance.

More than almost any other institution in German-speaking countries, it offers comprehensive and detailed insights into trends and developments, career paths, organisational structures, and the attitudes of decision makers and executives in these fields of professional activity.

The Institute’s sound analyses on current trends and practical experience do not only benefit the debate on the status quo and ongoing developments in the professional activity fields, but also its collaboration partners.


Collaboration opportunities and products

We offer our partners various ways to collaborate with us throughout the entire spectrum of successful research partnerships: ranging from sponsorship opportunities and raising questions in the major monitors of professional activity fields to bespoke commissioned research and performance consultancy services. The Institute’s partners make an important contribution to funding research of the professional activity fields with their cooperation.

The University regularly produces detailed studies and reports.

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin has developed the Quadriga Performance Index (Qπ); an instrument for management and organisational consultancy that enables sustainable performance optimisation in the fields of PR, HR, sales and marketing.


Fields of professional activity

Its extensive network provides the Institute with wide-ranging access to executives and decision makers from six different professional fields for research – with a special focus on communication and information-oriented management levels:

  • Human resources/personnel management
  • Sales management
  • PR/communication management
  • Marketing management
  • Compliance management
  • IT governance


Benefits and USP

More than almost any other institution, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin has in-depth and relevant knowledge as well as various routes of access to six different professional activity fields. This combination of an extensive network of research disseminators with tens of thousands of executives in each of the professional activity fields, highest levels of data depth, and a variety of platforms is the unique selling point of the University’s Institute for Research of Professional Activity Fields.

  • Comprehensive and detailed insights into structures and trends in the various professional activity fields as well as the attitudes of decision makers and managers
  • Far-reaching positioning through sponsorship and platforms for relevant target audiences
  • Professional support based on many years of experience


Our experts