It is impossible to demonstrate excellence and competence in a vacuum. Practical applications have a strong bearing on teaching at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Quadriga University Berlin’s and Quadriga Media’s network of high-ranking representatives of the business world, media and politics ensures the content students are taught always holds practical relevance. The university encourages highly talented students to engage both with one another and with key decision-makers from the business and political sectors.

Quadriga University’s board of trustees, advisory councils, mentors, scholarship and practice partners all contribute this network concept. Board members of large corporations, chief editors from the German media and leading politicians come together to advice the development of Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Quadriga University Berlin students and alumni are part of a multi-industry, interdisciplinary, talented group of professionals.


Would you like to become part of the Quadriga network yourself, or would you like to know who has had a positive relationship with the university in recent years and how you can benefit from it? Please ask our friendly study director Henrik Thiesmeyer.

Director of Studies
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences