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If you would like to obtain comprehensive information about the status of the marketing manager's profession and the success factors of a good marketing organisation, the results of studies in the field of marketing will equip you to lead your own marketing team to success.

Changes in the profession

The profession of marketing has changed more rapidly in the last 20 years than almost any other professional group. Marketing managers had to react within a very short time to profound structural changes in their craft and the VUCA environment. This makes empirical social research on self-image, on transformation processes and on continuities in the occupational field all the more important. 

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Our studies in the field of marketing, however, do not examine these challenges purely theoretically, but through empirical social research. In this way, we depict the experienced trends, deep currents and self-understandings of professionals. Our studies also reveal which competencies marketing managers regard as indispensable in the future - and which not.

A Leader in Digital Marketing?

The results of the studies are continuously incorporated into the teaching of the MBA Leadership & Digital Marketing Management. In this way, we can guarantee state-of-the-art quality and thus your personal success through your study programme. 

MBA Leadership & Digital Marketing Management

In order to make successful decisions in digital communication structures, marketing managers need innovative skills. The MBA Leadership specialisation in Digital Marketing Management therefore not only imparts marketing know-how and leadership skills, but also focuses on the personal development of communicative competencies. Through interactive exchange with international industry trendsetters, students at the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin will develop an understanding for trends and innovations in digital marketing. Graduates are therefore not only prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, but will also have the personal soft skills to become successful decision-makers in marketing.

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Bei allen Fragen zu den Studien aus dem Berufsfeld Marketing, steht Ihnen Prof. Dr. Andrea Kindermann gerne zur Verfügung. Bei generellen Fragen zu den Forschungsaktivitäten der Quadriga Hochschule und der Verbindung zur Lehre und Weiterbildung, ist Dr. Melanie Baier für Sie da.

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