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The importance of HR has grown significantly. New tasks and functions arise with the change of peoples working habbits and the digitalisation of  industries and companies. And so, the professional field is constantly changing. And we make these changes visible. In our profession research.


No other organisational function has shown such dynamic significance change in recent years as personnel management/human resources (HR). Until just a few yearsago, human resources was often regarded as an outdated and closeted subsystem with stolid administrative machinery. But the ubiquity of social and mobile technology has placed new demands on the employee experience and therefore HR products. At the same time, new business model trends are creating a continuous need for learning on the business side. And HR professionals are at the crossroads of these changing requirements. If they want to be successful, HR managers must at least keep pace with, or even stay one step ahead, in this rapidly changing corporate world.

Die Berufsfeldstudie 2020

Gemeinsam mit dem Bundesverband der Personalmanager hat die Quadriga Hochschule im Februar 2021 die neue Berufsfeldstudie veröffentlicht, die erstmals den neuen Titel "People & Organization" statt des "Personalmanagements" trägt. Wenige Momente nach Absenden des Formulars erhalten Sie einen Link zum kostenlosen Download der Studie.

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Doing research on the HR profession

Many HR departments and HR professionals have already initiated these changes, and early experiences and initial studies are starting to show what really works and what does not. Through empirical social research, we bundle the knowledge of the profession in various projects and studies. In this way, current changes become visible: changing self-understandings, new areas of responsibility and trends that have become new pillars of the HR manager's profession can be read on the basis of data.

Further research and study results will be available here shortly.

Latest knowledge in our MBA

On the basis of the diverse research and the exchange with innovative practitioners of various HR functions, we guarantee the state-of-the-art quality of the contents in the MBA Leadership & Human Resources

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