Profession Research Compliance

In the Compliance profession research, the most important aspects of organization, leadership and cooperation that have already proven themselves in research are used to examine their characteristics and their effects on success in the specific field of application of Compliance Management.

Compliance Manager 2018

The profession of Compliance Manager was also measured in 2018. Our study results last year showed who the participants rated as the most important external stakeholders with above-average and demonstrable interest in a functioning CMS: the client. In order to meet the high rate of inquiries about the CMS and the interest of the customers, the companies provide various proofs and additional compliance marketing measures. But how do companies react to compliance violations with an impact on their customers? How do those responsible for compliance rate the topic of digitization? Which technologies are particularly relevant to them? To what extent are they involved in corporate digitization initiatives? And has the assessment of the study participants regarding future challenges of the compliance function changed compared to the pilot study? We would like to help you answer these and other questions with this study. For example, a model of successful compliance management is emerging that is based on four pillars that encompass the structural positioning and strategic relevance of compliance, individual task design and cooperation within the compliance units.

The study was conducted by Deloitte, the Compliance Manager and Quadriga University and can be read on the Compliance Manager website (only in German)