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Our scientists examine the professional field of PR/communications management with regard to its structures, its actors and their contexts. In addition to processes, organisational and management issues, the empirical studies also focus on career paths in communications, self-understandings and the assessment of media systems.

Our understanding of communication management

In research and teaching, Quadriga University Berlin takes the view that PR/communication management operates as a central organisational function at the interface between the organisation and the environment and controls and strategically processes the various communicative tasks as a management function.

Developments we research on

Corporate communication has become increasingly important in recent years and has become a strategic issue for many companies. Since the turn of the millennium, the demands placed on communication, especially in and by multinational public companies, have increased massively. At that time, communications departments were still able to concentrate on traditional press work and employee information. Megatrends such as globalisation, participation pressure and digitalisation have led to more stakeholder groups all over the world expecting not only information but dialogue - in real time. Consistent information of different stakeholders alone - especially in large, international companies - places increasing demands on the efficient organization of the various communication activities. But how do communication actors deal with this? Several of our studies investigated these and many other questions.

PR2025 - Trends, competences and solutions for the near future of PR

Carried out during November 2018 and March 2019 by Prof. Dr. Ana Adi, the Delphi method study asked senior communication practitioners, consultants, academics to identify trends, competences, solutions and development responsibilities that would help PR/Communication practitioners maintain confidence in the profession and enhance relevance of their work in the mid-term. The study asked respondents to reflect on their current role, their envisaged role for PR/Communication in society in the mid-term as well on career paths for the future (excluding hierarchical progressions).

For the PR2025 respondents, the focus on literacy and thus of understanding the application and implications of technology (whether current or emergent) shows a concern beyond the optimizing processes and into understanding and enacting the practitioner’s social responsibility (hence, recurrent references privacy, transparency and ethics in the qualitative comments).

Moreover, the listing of digital literacy as the top competence to be addressed also shows that there is still work to be done with current mastering current technologies, bringing thus in focus the pressure that speed of innovation might bring to practitioners: embracing new technologies (whether channels, platforms, tools) when the learning curve of the previous one is not yet complete.


For feedback or questions regarding the study Kommunikationsmanagement 2018 please contact Prof. Dr. René Seidenglanz, for questions regarding the study PR2025 contact Professor Ana Adi. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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