Profession Research

For many years, Quadriga University Berlin has been researching professional structures and processes – primarily in PR/Corporate Communication, Human Resources, Marketing and sales management.

Researching professional structures and processes

The research focuses on the organization, current challenges, tasks and trends in these fields, as well as training and career paths, duties, salaries, positions and attitudes of the people working in these occuopational areas.

In this way, an extensive knowledge resource has been created at Quadriga University Berlin. We can precisely trace developments and trends in these professions on a broad data basis and enable benchmarks, thus providing comprehensive explanations for correlations and developments of the professions. The university has therefore become a centre for professional field research.

Questions or Interest?

Are you interested in a specific research study or do you have general questions, e.g.: on cooperation? Prof. Dr. René Seidenglanz is your contact person as head of the profession research department.

Research Associate & Head of Research Coordination
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
President of Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin / Professor for Communications, in particular Communication Management
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences

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