Leadership is the goal-oriented influence on the performance processes in an organization. Research with direct relevance to leadership processes is therefore the focus of many research activities at Quadriga University Berlin.

Research perspectives of Quadriga University Berlin

The main focus of leadership is on the understanding of a social interaction within the respective context. Its goal is to align the individual, a team or an entire organisation within the context as closely as possible to a single goal and to generate effectiveness. Within the framework of our research, we deliberately do not follow a specific model or leadership paradigm, but see leadership in its situational context and embedded in the respective framework conditions. Accordingly, a certain leadership style is not propagated. Instead, we want to enable our stakeholders to find the best possible leadership style.

On the overall organizational level, however, this aspect often takes a back seat to the fact-oriented aspects of management, i.e. the development of strategies for markets and products, etc.

Research Areas