Chief Digital Officer

Installing a CDO in a company is a management decision that needs to be carefully considered. The Chief Digital Officer study provides companies, currently thinking about how they can organisationally cope with the challenge of digital transformation and how they can measure the success of it with a wealth of information and insights, that can help to eliminate existing uncertainties in the establishment of a CDO function.

Exploration of a new occupational field

The CDO studies at Quadriga University Berlin analyse this role (e.g. tasks and responsibilities, assertiveness, personality traits), the CDO roadmap (e.g. fields of technology, business models) and the implementation of the digital strategy and its management (e.g. KPIs, hurdles and leading practices).

In the first study "Chief Digital Officer: Relevance, Role and Roadmap" from 2017, Prof. Heinrich and Prof. Gärtner from Quadriga University Berlin fundamentally organize the professional field. In addition to questions of success, the CDO's leadership style, personality, salaries and job satisfaction are also analyzed. The second CDO study from the year 2018 was conducted in cooperation with TMG Consultants GmbH and is dedicated in particular to the question of who controls the digital strategy in the company.

CDO 2019

The second edition of the CDO study by Quadriga University Berlin - this time in cooperation with the consulting firm TMG Consultants - focuses on the implementation of the digital strategy and its control. More than 370 high-ranking executives were surveyed on these topics, so that answers could be found to the following questions, among others:

    -What role does the CDO sector play in the cross-functional planning and implementation of digital projects?

    -Which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to measure whether the digital strategy is actually being implemented in reality?

    -Are the KPIs suitable for digital business models where growth and customer experience are more important than cost focus?

    -What measures are implemented to make the organization as a whole agile and innovative?

    -What are the obstacles to successful implementation?

Appropriate the results!

Since Prof. Dr. Christian Heinrich took a scientific look at the Chief Digital Officer, the founder of the AI start-up Scoutbee has not been able to complain about a lack of inquiries as a speaker, advisor and trainer. His MBA Leadership & Digital Business Transformation has also been regarded for several years as THE opportunity to professionalize himself in the digital world.

MBA Leadership & Digital Business Transformation

Digitalisation and innovation are increasingly the core of sustainable business models. In order to shape this global transformation, trained specialists and excellent leadership are needed. The MBA Leadership specialisation in Digital Business Transformation gives professionals the confidence to set the tone in companies, organisations and other institutions. The MBA specialisation Digital Business Transformation therefore focuses on the personal development of important leadership skills, the business-oriented transfer of management know-how and the acquisition of digital communication strategies. Consequently, the master’s degree at the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin offers the necessary tools for a dynamic professional world.

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