Sandra Macleod

Group CEO

Echo Research

An Expert Witness in Reputation and cited as ‘among the 100 most influential people in PR’, Sandra is Group CEO of Echo Research which provides brand and reputation research for clients globally including running Britain’s Most Admired Companies annual study. Sandra is also Director of Reputation Dividend, which values reputation for listed companies. From an early career at PA Management Consultants, Sandra set up the first international franchise for media analysis in 1989 before launching Echo.

Ambassador to the International Integrated Reporting Council <IR>, Sandra is also a Companion of the Chartered Institute of Management, member of the McKinsey Women as Leaders’ Forum and Visiting Professor on Reputation at NYU. Founder of the International Association of Measurement & Evaluation Companies (amec) , Sandra has been Trustee and Board Member of the Arthur W Page Society, the Institute of Public Relations, the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), and University of Oxford’s Public Affairs Advisory Group. Sandra is recipient of the 2018 Page Distinguished Service Award.