Philippe Borremans

Crisis & Risk Communication Consultant & Member of the board of the International Public Relations Association

The PR Training Company

Philippe Borremans has been a Public Relations practitioner for more than 25 years now. He started his career at Porter Novelli International in the “Brussels Bubble” in the late 90ies and moved to an in-house management position at IBM just in time for Y2K. He stayed with the company for 10 years, handling different crises and specialising in what was then called “new media” and its impact on Corporate Communication. In 2008 he became one of the first Chief Social Media Officers in Europe and changed a family owned group of companies into a digital first organisation. A serial traveler, he emigrated to Morocco in 2016 and later to Portugal and is an independent consultant specialising in crisis and risk communication. When not working on West African Pandemic Preparedness projects or adapting crisis communication plans for international clients he loves to read science fiction and history books while sipping a Negroni.