Neil Harbisson

Artist and the First Human Cyborg

Cyborg Foundation

Neil Harbisson is a British artist and cyborg activist. He is the first person in history to have an antenna implanted into his skull and the first officially government-recognised cyborg in the world.
His antenna, the eyeborg, enables Harbisson, who is colour-blind, to see visible, as well as invisible colours such as infrared and ultraviolet with the help of sound waves. The fact that the antenna is internet-capable enables Neil to receive calls, images, videos, or music directly into his head with the aid of external devices such as mobile phones or satellites.
The eyeborg consists of a chip that is attached to his scalp, which includes a USB port. It was developed along with scientists for years and has been steadily improved since then. There is a sensor in the form of an eye tracker at the other end of the antenna, which registers colours around Neil and transforms them into sounds.
In order to improve the eye tracker even further, Neil is planning to undergo a surgery soon to integrate a chip into his bone in order to allow him to hear sounds even better.
2010, Harbisson founded the Cyborg foundation, by their own account, the foundation defends cyborg rights and promotes cyborgism as an art movement and supports people who wish to become cyborgs.