Alessandra Mazzei

Director of the Centre for Employee Relations and Communication

IULM University

Alessandra Mazzei is Director of the Centre for Employee Relations and Communication at IULM University of Milan. She also is Vice Director of the Department of Business Law Economics and Consumer Behavior; the Coordinator of the Bachelor Program in Corporate Communication and Public Relations; the Director of the Master program in Intercultural Communication, and the Chair of the Geert Hofstede Consortium. She has been Visiting Researcher at Baruch College/CUNY; Visiting Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark; at Vilnius University; and at Lund University, Helsingborg Campus. She has been awarded with several scientific prizes and published several journal articles and books. Her primary research interests and publications focus internal communication and employee engagement, organizational voice and silence, internal crisis communication, corporate communication, reputation and brand management, marketing ad communication for credence goods, communication planning and evaluation. She has worked as a business consultant and management education trainer.