Digitale Transformation

Start of Studies 2018: excitement, graffiti and digital Transformation

Prelude of studies with two high-calibre days

What does it mean to become a leader in VUCA environments and how can the digital transformation be used? Highly relevant questions. Vice President René Seidenglanz took them up in his welcoming speech at our second study start in 2018 on 15 November and encouraged the new students to actively get to know the comprehensive Quadriga network they are joining with their studies. It is only through curiosity that holistic new horizons can be opened and Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin is the ideal place for this. 

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After the course introductions with our professors and the subsequent social get-togethers, it was once again time for a team-up at the graffiti workshop to discover Berlin from its own side. 
How inspiring did the new students find that? You can read about it in the following Linkedin-Post

On 16.11. and so at the academic start of the studies, Pascal Morgan gave our students a reality check about the meaning of their studies in the context of the ongoing digital transformation of our world: 
Since we are not able to drive ourselves as fast as technologies emerge exponentially, we must decide whether digital transformation empowers or disrupts our business and ourselves. 
Studying at Quadriga is an important step for our students to influence their future and drive their own transformation to leadership in VUCA digital times. It's about learning how to create new opportunities and how to go beyond existing horizons, how to bring the emerging new digital opportunities into your business and how to make the changes yourself in the five different professions of HR, Communications, Marketing, Sales and Public Affairs. 
A big thank you to Pascal Morgan for sharing his knowledge and insights about digital transformation and how to actually manage it.

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