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Corporate Volunteering Toolkit featuring a Digital Storytelling How-to

Despite the growing investment and interest into corporate/employee volunteering, there is a disconnect between what the organisations and employees, both when it comes to goals and outcomes. More importantly, an integrated approach that links employee expectations of volunteering with the organisations’ volunteering/CSR objectives and integrates that insight into evaluation of the volunteering program both by employees and the organisation is currently missing. +

The paper written by our Professor Ana Adi and Professor Camelia Crisan in cooperation with the IPR Measurement Commission aims to address this void by proposing a toolkit for effective evaluation of corporate volunteering programs using digital storytelling.

In doing so, the paper presents the methodology of a study using digital storytelling reecting the experiences of corporate volunteers, discussing its setup and its limitations. In criticizing the self-serving and risk-averse reception of the study among corporate communication/CSR managers and reffecting over the high dropout rate of the online-only study, the authors propose a toolkit for the assessment of corporate volunteering experiences going beyond the use of digital storytelling.

The toolkit features three steps: participant assessment of their work environment and their work relationships prior to joining the corporate volunteering program, digital storytelling screening and post-volunteering participant assessment of their their work environment and their work relationships. As corporate volunteering activities could affect an organisation’s image, employer brand perception and organisation’s reputation, we deem corporate volunteering (whether recruitment into the program, program progression, results of the program or personal outcomes) to be strongly linked with communications. 

Download the Digital Storytelling Toolkit for free.