Advisory Board for Organization Design meets for working session

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences at PwC in Frankfurt

In spring, another advisory board was formed at Quadriga University: The new specialization in MBA Leadership with a focus on organizational design and development is also accompanied by a top-class advisory board. The members are heads of departments such as Corporate Organization, Organization Development and Inhouse Consulting, who deal intensively with questions relating to the management of complex organizations.

On 26.10.2018 the Advisory Board met for a working session. At the invitation of PwC Strategy& the meeting lasted a whole day on the 49th floor in Frankfurt a.M. The main focus of the meeting was on how companies can achieve more agility. There was a lot of critical discussion about what is meant by agility, which myths exist in this context, which methods and organisational models can be used to promote agility and which companies or divisions are suitable for working with agile methods.

The Quadriga professor Jens Grundei, who is responsible for the subject, was enthusiastic: "The members of the advisory board understand their craft and were highly motivated to discuss and work with agile methods themselves.

Ludgwig D. Angeli, Senior Vice President - Corporate Projects, BASF 

Frank Heil, Vice President Organization Development, Deutsche Telekom

Verena Lubbers, Director Internal Consulting, KfW Bankengruppe

Stefan Neuwirth, Head of Corporate Office Administration, Bayer

Frederic Pirker, Managing Director, PwC Strategy& Germany 

Martin Ritter, Head of Group Organization, Deutsche Bahn AG