MBA Leadership & Human Resources

Change requires leadership, including and particularly in Human Resources management. The MBA Leadership specialisation in Human Resources will give professionals the confidence they need to shape the future of HR. The MBA specialisation in Human Resources combines management know-how, leadership skills and HR development in an innovative complete package. Graduates of Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin leave with key skills for the future and exactly the kind of professional qualities needed to be leaders in HR management. The MBA Leadership specialisation in Human Resources guarantees students future-proof further education in the field of human resources and empowers professionals throughout their career. The course is state-approved and accredited.

Attendance time
56 days
11/13/2019 - 05/14/2021
18 months
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Study trip to Singapore


University graduates with professional experience


Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Study concept

The MBA specialisation in Human Resources is aimed at HR professionals and related professions. Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin combines leadership, business administration and HR management in one course in a manner geared towards the real needs of business. The MBA Leadership & Human Resources specialisation therefore places a strong focus on individual development and training of leadership skills. Students acquire innovative expertise and learn potential-based assessment and evaluation methods that enable them to use HR as a vital part of companies’ digital transformation. Students of the Human Resources specialisation benefit from interactive and intensive exchange with lecturers and fellow students from a variety of companies, organisations, agencies and NGOs. Additionally, the unique network of international innovators from the world of business allows them to take a closer look at their own discipline and beyond their own industry. With the Master’s degree in the Human Resources specialisation, students acquire the professional confidence to make goal-oriented decisions even under the dynamic conditions of future challenges.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)



Language(s) of instruction

English / German


The MBA Leadership specialisation in Human Resources is designed as a CPD course and is primarily aimed at experienced professionals working in SMEs and corporate settings, as well as industry-related organisations. The Human Resources specialisation of the MBA focuses not only on senior positions in HR management; it is also aimed at leaders working in fields where HR processes are highly relevant.


The courses at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin are usually attended while in employment, and the MBA Leadership specialisation in Human Resources is no different. The Master’s programme therefore includes on-campus study sessions and self-study.


On-Campus Study Sessions

The on-campus study sessions take place on the Quadriga campus in the heart of Berlin. The interdisciplinary focus of the seminars, exercises and projects is supported by contributions from important innovators in the sector and thus provides students with practical know-how. Joint interactive learning through discussions and a constant multinational perspective prepare you to take on a leading role, ready to face the demands of a complex market.

The study sessions are scheduled once a month, generally from Thursday to Sunday. Additionally, the Human Resources specialisation includes a one-week long field trip abroad, strengthening the course’s international perspective.


Independent Study

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin attaches a great deal of importance to guided self-study and therefore provides online learning content on topics such as transformational leadership, controlling, law, and service management. The MBA Leadership specialisation in Human Resources provides flexible opportunities to prepare for study sessions and apply learned content, as well as project and group work.


Family and Career

The MBA programme at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin is also an attractive study model for students with family obligations. The high proportion of independent study allows students to combine their family life, study and career. The small group sizes means that the teaching staff can meet the individual needs of students with children. What’s more, the classroom days are bundled and pre-planned, allowing students to arrange childcare well in advance.


MBA Criteria

The content of the MBA programmes is based on the EQUAL criteria. The overarching economic topics presented in the courses – such as economics, finance, marketing and strategy – originate in the Management & Economics area of expertise. They are therefore taught by lecturers from these disciplines. What’s more, the EQUAL criteria require that the MBA teaches diverse management skills. Hence, leadership in management is a key aspect of the Human Resources specialisation. In addition to general leadership skills, this also includes communication management and skills in presentation and demonstration, negotiation and persuasion.


The following qualifications are required for the MBA Leadership specialisation in Human Resources at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin:

A degree in a relevant business-related subject (e.g. diploma, Magister, state examination, Master’s or Bachelor’s degree)

  • Applicants must have achieved at least 240 credits (credits / ECTS points) in total. The required credits are normally achieved with a Magister, diploma or Master’s degree.
  • In many cases, a Bachelor’s or comparable degree corresponds to only 180 or 210 ECTS points. Relevant professional experience may be regarded as evidence that you have achieved the credits required. Our student support advisers will be happy to help you in this regard.

At least one year postgraduate professional experience in a pertinent field following a first degree in a relevant subject.

  • Professional experience refers to employment in a full-time position. Part-time experience is calculated and recognised pro rata.

That means: If you have worked in a part-time post for a year, half a year is counted as professional experience.

  • Whether you worked in one and the same post for the entire period or changed positions is irrelevant for the calculation.

Course-specific knowledge for the MBA in Leadership specialisation in Human Resources

  • You should be able to demonstrate relevant professional experience in HR management, or sound experience in HR-relevant processes in other functional areas for the MBA specialisation in Human Resources.

Proficiency in English

  • You need, and must provide evidence of, proficiency in English. This can be normally provided with the TOEFL iBT test (internet-based). You must achieve a score of at least 80 points. When you start your studies, no more than two years should have passed since you took the test. The institution code of Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin is 6989 for the TOEFL test.
  • If you would like to provide evidence of proficiency in the English language in another way, or have already passed another test, please contact our directors of studies.

Proficiency in German

  • Citizens of any non-German-speaking country applying for a German-speaking course should be proficient in German (equivalent to level C1). A DSH 2 certificate (German language proficiency test for university admission) or a degree from a German-speaking course at a recognised German university is normally considered sufficient evidence.

Disabled students

  • Allowances may be made for people with severe disabilities or equivalent issues by the Examination and Admissions Committee if relevant proof is provided at the time of application.

Course details & dates

Overview of the course

Length of course: 18 months (while in employment)

Classroom time: approx. 50 days (in Berlin)

Online-Sessions: approx. 24 sessions lasting 2 hours each

Study trip: 6 days in Singapore


Important dates 2019:

Application deadline: 17 May 2019

Start of course: 12 June 2019


The MBA in Leadership & Human Resources is made up of eight modules and the thesis.


  • Corporate Strategy & Managerial Economics,

    This module deals with aspects of business which you need to understand in order to carry out managerial functions: strategic management, organisational theory and change management. In addition to the importance of governance systems, the influence of financial parameters on a company’s or organisation’s scope of action will be discussed.

  • Management of Accounting, Finance, Controlling & Law,

    Through the lectures, students become familiar with operational areas that sales and organisational developers need to internalise in order to play a decisive role within corporate management: accounting, investment and finance. Students are taught how to use financial controlling instruments with regard to incentive structures and performance measurement.

  • Supply-Chain-Management & Operations,

    To improve a sales sector’s approach, personnel and organisational development managers must have an understanding of which processes and structures within a company create value and secure competitiveness. This module provides an introduction to the structural parameters of production processes and outlines the targeted utilisation of management tools.

  • Marketing, Sales- & Servicemanagement,

    This course familiarises you with tasks and processes within a corporation that are primarily market- or customer-oriented: product and service management, sales and marketing. The module demonstrates various possibilities of designing an organisation’s service portfolio, geared specifically towards its target group.

  • Communication based Leadership,

    This module provides an introduction to the tasks, operating methods and principles of communication management. The course concludes with practical exercises which improve your managerial communication skills in different contexts.

  • Competence & Potential based Leadership,

    Modules 1-5 conclude with the creation of professional job profiles and functions. These are used as frameworks to coordinate managerial tasks in all departmental areas, creating a corporate strategy within the framework of strategic skills management and employee potential analysis. For this purpose, personnel development tools are trialed.

  • Human Resources in Organizations,

    This module addresses leadership in HR management: Alongside the development of leadership skills, improvements of HR skills as a team, analysing effective organisational units is also covered.

  • Transformational Leadership in Organizations,

    In this module, the lectures familiarise you with in-depth aspects of strategic human resources and organisational development: performance and talent management, compensation models, diversity in organisations, systemic coaching and transformational leadership. The module concludes with aspects of corporate ethics that are becoming increasingly relevant to decision makers.

What our participants say

„Gerade für Technologieunternehmen wie Heraeus ist das Potenzial der Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte von großer Bedeutung. Ständig sich verändernde globale Märkte und Technologien erfordern ständiges Umdenken und Innovation. Das muss in einem modernen und flexiblen Talent Management berücksichtigt werden – mit Fokus auf die Personen, nicht nur auf die Systeme. HR kommt dabei als Bereich mit Gesamtüberblick über das Unternehmen eine besondere Verantwortung zu.“

Roland Hehn
Chief Human Resources Officer,
Heraeus Holding GmbH

„Es wird für Führungskräfte immer wichtiger, an den Schnittstellen zwischen
Gesellschaft, Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik erfolgreich agieren
zu können. Wir brauchen mehr cross-sektorale Karriereschritte und
ehrenamtliches Engagement in allen Bereichen der Gesellschaft. Die im
Beirat gebündelten Erfahrungen decken diese Kriterien hervorragend ab.“

Dr. Katrin Krömer
Vorsitzende der Geschäftsführung,
DB Job Service GmbH

„Als besonders wertvoll empfinde ich die Diskussion und Analyse praktischer
HR-Themen mit den Kommilitonen, Referenten und Professoren vor
dem Hintergrund ihrer Expertise aus unterschiedlichen Unternehmensstrukturen
und Branchen. Der individuelle Blick auf HR und die eigenen
Kompetenzen werden dabei in einen deutlich umfassenderen Kontext
gestellt und in jedem Fall erweitert und bereichert.“

Kai Flaschel
Referent Personalplanung/-controlling,
50Hertz Transmission GmbH

„Die Präsenzphasen sind sehr abwechslungsreich gestaltet, wirklich gut organi-
siert, inhaltlich fordernd und extrem interessant und werden von hervorragenden
Dozenten durchgeführt. Mir gefällt sehr gut, dass die Lernatmosphäre in der relativ
kleinen Studentengruppe gut geeignet ist, das umfangreiche Wissen aufzugreifen.
Durch die praxisnahen Themen findet sich jeder mit seinem Unternehmen wieder.“

Stephanie Rossow
Pentax Medical

"Ein wirklicher Mehrwert sind unter anderem besonders die regelmäßigen Praxisvorträge. Damit wird nicht nur abstraktes theoretisches Wissen vermittelt, sondern man bekommt als Studierende sofort einen greifbaren Eindruck über die praktischen Anwendungs- und Umsetzungsmöglichkeiten des Erlernten."

Birte Fabian
Global Head of HR Business Partners,
KWS Group

"Das Mentoring ist die perfekte Ergänzung zum Studium. Meine Mentorin ist eine sehr profilierte Personalerin und erfahrene Führungskraft. In den Gesprächen mit ihr kann ich meine berufliche Zukunft reflektieren; das ist wirklich Gold wert."

Lara Berndt
Program Lead Strategic Change,
DB Schenker AG



Degree programmes for high potentials

The Quadriga University Berlin has a multistage application process. This helps ensure that all participants of Quadriga University Berlin’s degree programmes share the necessary qualifications for an ideal and successful course of study. Furthermore, the university wants to lay the foundation for successful interpersonal learning within the study Group.

Application process

The application process at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin is divided into five stages:

  1. Enquiry: online application
  2. Advice: in person / over the phone / campus day
  3. Application documents
  4. Assessment
  5. Acceptance
  6. Matriculation

Campus Day

Quadriga University Berlin offers information days for all those interested in the M.A and MBA programs. In the course of a campus day, you can get an impression of Quadriga University and its network through impulse lectures and question-and-answer sessions and gain insights into the curricula and teaching practice of the study programmes. In addition, we will be happy to advise you personally and individually.

Info Webinars

The webinars at the Quadriga University Berlin clarify all questions concerning the study programmes regardless of location. Thanks to impulse lectures on key areas of the curricula, an overview of the course of studies and the application procedure, and a forum for individual questions, participants can receive an in-depth impression as well as ample opportunities for further exchange.