The abbreviation MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. The MBA program is a postgraduate program, i.e. the prerequisites for the MBA are usually a previous academic degree, for example Bachelor or Diploma, as well as relevant professional experience. Depending on the focus, the MBA covers all relevant management functions in the respective area - from personnel management to finance to marketing and sales. The practical training concludes with the title MBA, which has always been regarded as an important career turbo. The MBA programme at Quadriga University is also strongly oriented towards the real and dynamic requirements of companies and organisations. The MBA title of Quadriga University enables graduates to have confidence in the future and thus better career opportunities.

Whether and when an MBA makes sense depends on the specific career goals. Since the MBA comes from the English-speaking world, it is not comparable to subjects in the German academic system. In contrast to the Diplom degree in business administration, the MBA provides practical and directly applicable knowledge. But for whom is an MBA worthwhile? Classically, the MBA is suitable for specialists who already have a degree and several years of work experience. The MBA is an excellent platform for prospective managers who want to boost their careers and deepen their practical knowledge in order to become even more competitive on the job market. The MBA program at Quadriga University is tailored precisely to the needs of the job market and is aimed at prospective leaders who want to continue their education in a future-proof manner.

Depending on the length of study, the orientation and the university, the total MBA costs are between 15,000 and 50,000 euros. On average, one can expect costs of approximately 25,000 to 30,000 euros. The MBA is therefore not cheap, but it is an excellent investment in one's own professional future in view of the chances of earning a salary later on. In order to reduce MBA costs, Quadriga University offers students the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. With the Scholarship Check you can check whether you have a chance of being awarded an MBA or M.A. scholarship. Students at Quadriga University can also create an individual payment plan. This makes it possible to invest the MBA costs beyond the actual duration of your studies and thus minimize the financial burden during your studies.

More salary through MBA? Of course the career path is very individual and there are no guarantees for a high MBA salary. Nevertheless, studies show that MBA graduates receive on average more than twice the salary of Bachelor graduates. Jobs with MBA degrees are particularly highly remunerated according to the studies in numerous industries. The graduate questionings of the Quadriga university show that beyond a higher salary also the influence in the organization, the budget and coworker responsibility increase significantly.

In addition to current MBA rankings for Germany, the choice of a suitable university should also take into account one's own needs and ideas. The course of studies should be thoroughly examined before the application on heart and kidneys. Are theory and practice taught in equal measure? Is there an interdisciplinary understanding? Is there a mentoring programme? Last but not least, it makes sense to take a look at the professors and alumni of the university. Does the university have a good network and excellent contacts in industry? Finding the best MBA in Germany is certainly not easy. In any case, interested parties should pay attention to existing accreditations, such as the FIBAA.

The MBA was founded at the beginning of the 21st century in the USA. But what MBA programs are there in Germany and what are the benefits of an MBA in Germany? There are now more than 100 MBA programs from various universities in Germany. The MBA program is a general management program, but the MBA programs have a different orientation and the universities a different focus. Quadriga Hochschule Berlin has concentrated on management in the areas of public relations and communication, politics and public affairs, human resources, sales and marketing, and digital transformation. In addition, the MBA program in Berlin is strongly integrated into national and international networks and enables maximum practical orientation and interdisciplinarity. The MBA program enables graduates to take advantage of the rapidly changing opportunities in specific industries and thus advance their careers.

The MBA is a postgraduate program, therefore the first MBA prerequisite is an academic title - such as Bachelor, Master, State Examination, Magister or Diploma. 

In order to study at Quadriga University Berlin, you must have certain qualifications. Disabled persons and equals can be granted compensation for disadvantages by the examination and admission board on application with the corresponding evidence.

1. a successfully completed degree qualifying for a profession (e.g. Diplom, Magister, Staatsexamen, Master or Bachelor)

  • A total of at least 240 credit points (credits/ECTS) must have been earned. As a rule, you have earned the necessary credit points with a Magister, Diplom or Master's degree.
  • If you have already earned a Bachelor's or comparable degree with 180 or 210 ECTS points, you can be recognised as having relevant work experience. Please talk to the student advisors.

2. professional experience in a relevant field, of which at least one year after the first academic degree qualifying you for a profession

  • It doesn't matter whether you worked for the same job for the entire period or changed positions.
  • The work experience is converted into a full-time position. If you have worked in part-time positions, these only count proportionately. An example: You have worked for half a year - half a year would be counted as work experience.

A further MBA prerequisite is sufficient German and English language skills as well as specific requirements for each MBA. 

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