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Confirmation of registration
After registering, you will receive an automatic message confirming your registration via email.

Login information
Two weeks before your course is due to start, you will receive an email with your login information so you can access the course in the learning portal. You’ll also receive additional information about the structure of the course. If you have registered shortly before the course is set to begin, you’ll receive information on accessing the course on the day before it starts. Please complete your profile in the learning portal to facilitate discussion and networking with other participants and lecturers.

Survey of learning expectations
When you receive the information about logging in to the portal, you’ll also receive our survey regarding your expectations of the course. Please take the opportunity to actively help shape your course content and share your expectations of the course before you get started. Our lecturers are happy to take these responses into account.

Technology test
You’ll have the opportunity a day before your course begins to check whether your device meets all the technical requirements by performing a system check.

Every live webinar is recorded. We publish these recordings on the learning portal a day after the live webinar. You can access these recordings as streaming online videos throughout the duration of the course as well as three months after the course has ended. You can catch up on and even re-watch live sessions you have missed any time you like.

We use Adobe Connect’s webinar software to host our live webinars.

You can carry out a short test to see if your system meets the technical requirements here (German only): https://quadriga.adobeconnect.com/common/help/de/support/meeting_test.htm
Please ensure your system meets the following requirements:

DSL internet connection:
- DSL internet connection (broadband)
- Speed of at least 2,000 DSL
- no UMTS connection
- no tunnelled/VPN connections

Operating system:
- Windows
- Apple (Mac with Intel processor, MacOS version 10.5 or higher; unfortunately, it is no longer possible to use Power PCs to connect to a webinar)
- Sound card and speakers or headphones
- In most cases, no microphone is needed (please see the information for your specific course on our website in case any of the requirements are different)

Web browser:
Current web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome

Adobe Flash:
- We recommend also installing Adobe Flash, version 10.1 or higher, preferably the latest version (http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html)

PDF viewer:
- PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader

- Firewall: The Adobe Connect training centre uses the standard settings usually in place already under your firewall settings. Depending on your browser and your computer’s security settings, you may need to adjust the settings manually to ensure you can easily open the training centre.
- More information is available here https://helpx.adobe.com/adobe-connect/kb/troubleshoot-connectivity-connect.html or here https://helpx.adobe.com/adobe-connect/kb/configure-ports-1935-443-80.html

Adobe Connect app:
- You can download a free Adobe Connect app for iOS for use on iPhones and iPads from the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/adobe-connect-mobile-for-ios/id430437503?mt=8
- You can download an app for Android devices from the Google Play Store: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.adobe.connectpro&hl=en

More information
You can find more information on the technical specification and system requirements for Adobe Connect here: https://helpx.adobe.com/adobe-connect/tech-specs.html

Updated dates and times are listed for your webinars on the learning portal. The portal will display a pop-up window around 30 minutes before each webinar that will take you to the Adobe Connect virtual classroom. You can use the live chat function to ask the lecturer questions and engage in discussion with other course participants during a webinar. An example video is available here.

Our learning portal is our internal course platform and gives you access to our live webinars. You’ll also find presentations and webinar recordings there, as well as any additional material. You’ll receive information on how to log in to the learning portal by email a few days before your course is set to begin. Following the final live webinar, you will also find practical homework assignments on the portal. You will continue to have access to the learning portal for three months after your course ends.

Don’t miss a thing.
You’ll find a detailed course overview on your learning portal, complete with all the key dates for your e-learning course.  In addition, you’ll receive reminders on your dashboard before each live webinar so you don’t miss anything.

Flexible learning.
Your learning platform will show you all your lecturers’ presentations and recordings of live webinars. The benefit to you? You have the flexibility to choose how you learn. The practical homework assignments and additional course materials provide ample opportunity to put what you have learned into practice.

Meet and network.
You can fill out a profile in the learning portal and network with other course participants. You can get to know our lecturers before your webinars by looking at their profile, and send them questions any time you want.

Get in touch.
Use the course messaging function to get in touch with lecturers or other course participants directly. Use the course forum to discuss current topics and expand your network with exciting new contacts.

The day after a live webinar, the recording will appear in the learning portal as a streaming online video, and the lecturers’ presentations will be available to download as a PDF. You can use the time between two webinars to engage in discussion with other course participants in the learning portal forum. If you have any questions for the lecturer following the webinar, you can use the learning portal’s messaging function to contact them.

Individual course
You will receive a practical homework assignment one day after the last webinar in the course. If you complete the assignment on time, you will receive a certificate of participation to download.

Certificate course
A certificate course usually consists of several individual modules to be completed in succession. At the end of each individual course, you will apply what you have learned to a practical homework assignment. If you successfully complete all of your homework assignments on time, you will receive a certificate of completion for the certificate course.

Please note that we do not issue any further confirmation of participation beyond these participation and completion certificates.

At the end of each individual course, you will apply what you have learned in an authentic case study. This case study is based on all the webinars included in the course.

In order to receive a certificate, you must complete the homework assignment in writing and on time. Depending on the scope of the course, this assignment may be anywhere between three to five DIN A4 pages. On average, it takes participants between five and eight hours to complete each assignment. You will receive individual feedback on your homework submissions. These will be available for download in the learning portal under “Programme”. You have four weeks after the course ends to complete the assignment.

If you have opted for a certificate course comprised of multiple individual modules completed in succession, you will receive one homework assignment per module. You have four weeks after the course ends to complete the assignment for each module. If you successfully complete all of your homework assignments on time, you will receive a certificate of completion for the certificate course.

Set aside 90 minutes a week for the live webinar (or recording) for each e-learning course. In addition, factor in an average of an hour of time after the lecture to work on the practical homework assignment. You don’t need to devote any time to preparing for each webinar or reviewing the material after (beyond the homework assignments).

Im kursinternen Forum des Lernportals können Sie sich mit anderen Teilnehmenden austauschen und vernetzen sowie über Fragen und aktuelle Herausforderungen diskutieren. Auch während der Live-Webinare haben Sie die Möglichkeit mit den anderen Kursteilnehmenden in Kontakt zu treten.

We are happy to provide student or group discounts upon request.


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