Working Successfully in International Teams

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It is a proved fact that diversity in teams is a sustainable success factor. However, it is also a fact that different grounds are an organisational challenge if not managed wisely. In this seminar we will tap into the best practises of intercultural team dynamics, communications and virtual collaboration. You will be learning a great deal about different preferences and sets of values of people and how to use this knowledge to reveal the maximal potential in your team.


  • Manage intercultural conflicts
  • Give and receive authentic feedbacks
  • Understand the impact of hierarchy
  • Deal with different time perceptions
  • Argue, negotiate and compliment effectively
  • Work together cleverly over the distance


Case studies, Group work, Self reflection, Games

Learning objective

After this seminar you will be aware of your individual values and behavioural preferences. At the same time, you will be able to spot and deal with deviating patterns. You will gain confidence in a culturally diverse environment remaining true to yourself.

Target group

Everyone who works cross cultures with clients, suppliers or internal partners.

Arrival & services

The conference fee already includes the meeting package (coffee breaks, lunch and seminar drinks) and the seminar documents (handout, etc.). The price does not include a hotel reservation at the venue. We ask you to make your travel planning accordingly.


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