Winning Negotiations with Procurement

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You have the impression that procurement rips you off during negotiations. It seems that procurement steadily increases its power and professionality. Its therefore getting harder for sales people to win the order with an appropriate margin during negotiations. Top Deals negotiations are increasingly complex, but they are also mostly carried out in a two-stage buying process. While you are selling to the technical specialist, you have to negotiate with procurement. Thus, you are sitting in front of a strong team, of which each is a master of their special field. This means: You must be top class in sales and negotiation. In order to let you know how your negotiation counterpart thinks, and therefore better prepare yourself for this important meeting, we are working with a professional purchaser as a sparring partner during this seminar. Closing a deal with a foreign customer, negotiating together with colleagues from other countries, different cultures and habits during negotiations – often are a special challenge. To improve collaboration und to negotiate better results the knowledge of the main cultural dimension is mandatory. In the future you will then face your negotiation counterpart with more self-confidence and therefor more professional to negotiate successfully.


  • 13 principels, how to lead asymmetrical negotiations on an equal eye level
  • Using the phases of a successful negotiation for your personal gain
  • Better understanding of the specialties of a procurement organization
  • Better seeing through the purchaser’s way of working
  • Checklist: Systematic and strategic preparation of negotiations
  • Confident facing of purchaser’s tactics, strategies and way of thinking
  • Playing perfect with different roles during negotiation
  • Analyzing and using better and more conscious the influencing factors in a negotiation
  • Enforcing better your own price, successful fending off price reductions.
  • 52 tactics: act and react situation appropriate in negotiations.
  • Negotiate successfully with different cultures across borders using the main cultural dimensions during preparation and negotiation.


  • Short lectures
  • Intensive exercises
  • Role plays/ simulations
  • We work with your current real-life cases
  • The transfer of learning into practice will be supported by alternating between trainers input, your own experience and review

Learning objective

You achieve better negotiation results, guaranteed.

The seller’s perspective will be expanded with the purchaser’s perspective. Your own negotiation style and those of the negotiation counterparts are becoming aware and you will experience them. Real life cases can be practiced with the direct feedback of a sales expert and the purchaser’s perspective.

Target group

Salesmen, key account managers, junior managers within sales and distribution as well as all employees in sales covering negotiating roles.

Arrival & services

The conference fee already includes the meeting package (coffee breaks, lunch and seminar drinks) and the seminar documents (handout, etc.). The price does not include a hotel reservation at the venue. We ask you to make your travel planning accordingly.


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