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Everybody works with presentations and needs to display something one day. In this seminar you learn how to focus on the essentials and make the presentations comprehensible and convincing. The seminar delivers helpful tips how to prepare in a reasonable way, it offers the courage for the right decisions and to perform in a confident rhetorical manner. Therefore verbal and nonverbal skills will be trained as well as elements of storytelling. You learn to represent your topic clear and in an interesting way. So that you can start every upcoming presentation with a strong standing and self-assured. The seminar focuses on practical exercises.


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·         Be brave: Presentation needs decision

·         Be clean: Preperations and expectations

·         Be straight: Rhetorical hints and clues

·         Be prepared: Disturbances, tension and charisma

·         Be fine: Exercise

·         Be yourself: The presentations!


The seminar works with keynotes, single person working for individual preparations, discussions for clarifications, case studies to deepen the theory and with exercises. It is an hands-on seminar. On the second day of the seminar there will be a presentation to be held by everyone. The presentations will be taped and discussed afterwards.

Learning objective

You can apply the insights in all kinds of communicative situations. In presentations of course, but also in meetings, pitches or decision making.

Target group

The seminar is hosted for executives.

Arrival & services

The conference fee already includes the meeting package (coffee breaks, lunch and seminar drinks) and the seminar documents (handout, etc.). The price does not include a hotel reservation at the venue. We ask you to make your travel planning accordingly.


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