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Tariffs, import restrictions, Brexit etc. – no matter what political situation we are in – in many industries internationalization of business is a must. Besides our markets are getting more and more competitive. If you are not international today, your competitors might already be. Production, company structures and even our customers (online and offline) don’t follow country and culture barriers. That’s why your staff needs to be well prepared in international aspects in marketing and sales.


  • How international marketing & sales differs from national or regional approaches
  • Approaches to internationalization for currently national companies
  • How to prepare for internal and customer-focused international aspects in marketing & sales
  • Setting-up and managing international teams
  • Understanding the role of International Key Account Management
  • Developing efficient marketing & sales processes in an international organization
  • Dealing with digital disruptors and answering the question if digital business automatically is international


  • Keynote speech
  • Case studies
  • Exchange of best-in-class by participants
  • Groups exercises

Learning objective

In this seminar you will learn how to internationalize successfully. After the seminar you can deal better with cultural differences, both inside and outside your company. You will get to know how to set-up a national or even global organization in sales and marketing. You will understand the role of digital disruption in a globalized world.

Target group

Target groups consist of marketing and sales managers who prepare for an international role in their organization. The seminar is also covering important aspects for those companies who consider going international.

Arrival & services

The conference fee already includes the meeting package (coffee breaks, lunch and seminar drinks) and the seminar documents (handout, etc.). The price does not include a hotel reservation at the venue. We ask you to make your travel planning accordingly.


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