Certified People & Organization Expert

As a “Certified People & Organization Expert”, you will manage strategic topics such as performance & talent management, team effectiveness & diversity or the development of agile organizational models. In various modules, you will learn to evaluate proven HR concepts and innovative solutions in a scientifically sound manner and to apply them to your professional context.

With the modules of our “MBA Leadership, People & Organization”, you will expand your competence portfolio in a targeted and well-founded way in the certificate program.

Certified People & Organization Expert

Certificate Programme People & Organization

In view of the major changes in business and society, HR and organizational functions are faced with the joint task of developing themselves and organizations as a whole – even rethinking them. With our certificate program, you are equipped for this double challenge: As a “Certified People & Organization Expert”, you can assess and apply current trends and innovative solutions in HR and organizational development in a scientifically sound manner. Beyond technical and management knowledge, you will develop further as a manager and acquire leadership and new work competencies.

Your Professor

Organizations are feeling permanently increasing pressure to change. In order to make positive use of this, human resources and organizational development must be lived in harmony with the overall strategy. It is therefore necessary to overcome the limits that the term Human Resources sets for itself. That is why we have further developed our offering. The People & Organization program is aimed at all those who have the will to move forward in holistic transformation processes.

Professor of Entrepreneurship & Organizational Behavior
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences


Professor of Business Administration, in particular Human Resource Management
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Greenberg Traurig Germany, LLP
Research Associate & Head of Research Coordination
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences

Why a Certified MBA Course?

Learn more about the concept, participants and evaluation of our Certified MBA Courses, as well as options of how you can tailor the modules to your needs.

The two modules in detail

Our Certified MBA Courses consist of two modules, which you can also take individually. Here you will find the module contents and dates. After your application, our study advisors will contact you to discuss the programme details with you.

Strategic Impact & People Enablement

The People & Organization Function

Content of module

  • Purpose: Definition and relevance of the corporate purpose
  • Aligning corporate and human resources strategy
  • Problems with traditional organizational forms
  • Objectives and characteristics of agile organizational forms
  • Evaluation of organizational models
  • Needs, personality traits and success factors of individual development
  • Requirements and trends for further education programs
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Diversity & Inclusion


11.03.2021 to 14.03.2021
09.04.2021 to 11.04.2021
= 7 Attendance days
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Individual price: 4900 EUR (excl. VAT)
ECTS-Points: 5

Performance & Operational Excellence

Transformational Leadership in Organizations

Content of module

  • Strategic Performance Management
  • New work and their impact on performance measurement and management
  • Individual and collective dimensions of performance measurement and management
  • Labor law aspects in connection with performance management
  • Standardization and digitalization of people & organization processes
  • Data analytics: methods and fields of application
  • Competence profiles and organizational integration


28.04.2021 to 02.05.2021
20.05.2021 to 23.05.2021
= 10 Attendance days
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Individual price: 4900 EUR (excl. VAT)
ECTS-Points: 8

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