Certified Human Resources Expert

What kind of high-quality executive education do 21st-century HR professionals need? We created the curriculum for the Certified HR Management & Leadership Expert programme in cooperation with innovators from the field.  The HR certificate course combines specialist skills and HR development expertise focused on becoming a Certified Human Resources Manager. As a Certified Human Resources Leader, however, your own leadership skills are put to the test alongside the strategic and organisational challenges faced by HR executives.

Certified Human Resources Expert

Certificate Programme Leadership & Human Resources

This personnel training course, which lasts several days, uniquely combines specialist and management knowledge with leadership competencies in order to realize the value contribution of HR within the operational value chain.

In addition to the “Certified HR Management & Leadership Expert” complete package, you can also take specific further training: with a focus on specialist and management knowledge in the “Certified Human Resources Manager” or with a focus on “Leadership and New Work Competencies” in the “Certified Human Resources Leader”.

All our programme contents support you in your further professionalisation because they are carried out in cooperation with practical innovators and are scientifically sound.

Your Professor

Human resources will be the key discipline for the coming years. The changing world of work is omnipresent and HR must be a driving force to make employees and work models fit for the future. With our certificate course, we aim to develop both HR professional and leadership skills. To achieve this, we work out in interactive formats how to deal appropriately and effectively with various challenges in management positions. It is particularly important to us that leadership always means self-management and the ability to reflect.

Professor for Leadership and Human Ressources
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences


Greenberg Traurig Germany, LLP
Director Digitalization

Why a Certified MBA Course?

Learn more about the concept, participants and evaluation of our Certified MBA Courses, as well as options of how you can tailor the modules to your needs.

The two modules in detail

Our Certified MBA Courses consist of two modules, which you can also take individually. Here you will find the module contents and dates. After your application, our study advisors will contact you to discuss the programme details with you.

Human Resources Strategy

Human Resources in Organizations

Content of module

  • Rethinking HR: Current trends and topics in HR work
  • The effective and innovative HR department: Learning from HR start-ups and corporates
  • Areas of competence of innovative HR functions and professionals: Develop yourself as an HR Professional
  • Labour law of multinational companies


11.03.2021 to 14.03.2021
09.04.2021 to 11.04.2021
= 7 Attendance days
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Individual price: 4900 EUR (excl. VAT)
ECTS-Points: 5

Human Resources Leadership

Transformational Leadership in Organizations

Content of module

  • Performance Management & Strategic Personnel and Organizational Development
  • Compensation Models
  • Team Effectiveness and Diversity
  • Transformation Coaching
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics and Compliance


28.04.2021 to 02.05.2021
20.05.2021 to 23.05.2021
= 10 Attendance days
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Individual price: 4900 EUR (excl. VAT)
ECTS-Points: 8

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