Certified Digital Marketing Expert

Marketing today is digital marketing. And digital marketing goes far beyond online communication. As drivers of digital transformation in their companies, they should be able to develop digital marketing strategies that integrate offering, sales, communication and customer relationship management into an inspiring customer experience. But they must also be able to put these strategies into practice using digital tools and teams of experts. Our Certified Executive Programs for Digital Marketing Management provide you with the strategic and operational skills for successful digital marketing.

Certified Digital Marketing Expert

Certificate Programme Digital Marketing Management

Today, digital marketing management encompasses a multitude of mostly highly specialized tasks. Strategic and operative tasks are closely interlinked by short iteration cycles. The CEP Certified Digital Marketing Expert provides the tools to develop modern digital marketing strategies and to put them into practice.

The contents of the course include the building blocks of digital marketing strategies, the strategic use of data and technology as well as the development of multi-channel marketing plans and data-driven campaigns. They get to know the spectrum of automation possibilities in marketing and the principles of a modern marketing organization. The question of how artificial intelligence and conversational interfaces can change marketing will be addressed, as well as the challenge of keeping track of a continuous stream of technological and strategic innovations in marketing and identifying the ones that are relevant to you. The aim of the program is to provide you with the know-how to confidently deal with the topics of strategic planning, data, technology, organization and leadership, both at the strategic and operational level.

Your Professor

There is probably no other field that continually changes through to digitalization as radically as marketing. Those who want to be successful as marketing managers have to master strategies, platforms and mechanics for a digitized market environment. At the same time, the pace of innovation remains high. That’s why we don’t just convey the state of the art in digital marketing to you. We also enable you to deal confidently with future trends and innovations.

Professor for digital transformation
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences


Managing Director
Durstexpress GmbH
Birds on Mars GmbH

Why a Certified MBA Course?

Learn more about the concept, participants and evaluation of our Certified MBA Courses, as well as options of how you can tailor the modules to your needs.

The two modules in detail

Our Certified MBA Courses consist of two modules, which you can also take individually. Here you will find the module contents and dates. After your application, our study advisors will contact you to discuss the programme details with you.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Strategic Digital Marketing Management

Content of module

  • Building blocks of digital marketing strategy
  • Customer journey and customer experience design
  • e-commerce and digital product strategy
  • Big data and analytics
  • data-based business models
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing organisation


11.03.2021 to 13.03.2021
07.04.2021 to 11.04.2021
= 8 Attendance days
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Individual price: 4900 EUR (excl. VAT)
ECTS-Points: 5

Digital Marketing Management

Operational Digital Marketing Management

Content of module

  • data-driven marketing, inbound marketing
  • KI & Co: latest marketing innovations
  • Multi-Channel-Marketingplanung
  • SEO and digital MediaSocial Media Marketing in practice:
    processes, tools, success factors
  • Management and facilitation of heterogeneous teams


28.04.2021 to 02.05.2021
20.05.2021 to 23.05.2021
= 9 Attendance days
Quadriga University of Applied Sciences
Individual price: 4900 EUR (excl. VAT)
ECTS-Points: 8

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