Business Development Journeys


In hardly any other city can the dynamics and vehemence of the digital transformation be felt like in Berlin. A vibrant startup scene has long since established itself as one of the leading global innovation hubs. Get to know the mindset, toolbox and logics of startups. Take inspiration for your own challenges and integrate innovations to ensure your own business success.

Experience - Reflect - Develop

Experience - in a team event - the future of the working world in Berlin's start-ups and accelerators. In an intensive atmosphere, you and a maximum of 20 employees will be able to spend half or full days (up to 3 days in a row) together. Reflect the tour with professors. Define your personal highlights. Our experts share their findings and experiences. What is actually adaptable and promising for your business case? Keep evolving: Our professors are your coaches and consultants and accompany you in specific formats. Work together on how startup know-how makes your organization successful and disruption-proof.


Enter the New: Experience the Start-ups and accelerators of Berlin

Berlin attracts the innovators of Europe. Business world 2.0 lives here and the future happens daily in start-ups and accelerators of large corporates. We show you on a mindsetting and business development journey which successful new concepts exist, which can benefit you and how you can adapt to them.

Develop Yourself: From tour into practice

But the Journey is much more than an atmospheric team event and networking! The Quadriga university professors are your coaches and together with you will adapt the new concepts, ideas and working methods specifically for your business!

Do the New: Development by knowing and experiencing

  • Unique insight into the new world of work: New Business Models, New Ideas, New Technologies, New Skills & Leadership

  • individual team event, with a maximum of 20 employeesn

  • single, two or three days

  • Consulting & Coaching - Follow Up Development

  • Development Certificate

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