Corporate Services

Are you responsible for developing and retaining talent in your company and are looking for exciting professional development formats? Are you interested in a long-term cooperation with a partner who can quickly identify relevant operational issues and collate these using appropriate media?

Our Network for Your Company

Together with the German Press Academy and Quadriga Media, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of training and continuing professional development solutions. We are happy to provide you with access to our network of professors, lecturers and practitioners from various industries.

You could become a member of this network yourself and represent your company as a speaker. Use our learning resources to design your own seminars and events as part of your company's own academy! Try out new learning methods with us, such as action learning and blended learning!

If building networks is important to your employees and you want to promote contact beyond company boundaries then you can book bundles of seats in our open seminars.