Koen Peeters

Senior Consultant


Koen Peeters is a Senior Consultant with CS&A International based in Belgium working with clients internationally. Koen joined CS&A in 2010, and has been working with clients to develop and implement risk management systems, develop crisis processes, establish stakeholder mapping and scenario planning capabilities, as well as overall business continuity and contingency planning. He is particularly involved in all crisis exercises including designing scenarios and developing and controlling simulation drills. He helps design and deliver CS&A’s risk, crisis and business continuity training programmes, conducts audits in risk and crisis management and implements CS&A’s own crisis readiness diagnostic CrisisScan© for a wide range of clients across industry sectors. Prior to joining CS&A, Koen had wide-ranging experience in the distribution sector, assessing risks and optimising the supply chain and had an extensive traineeship at Atlas Copco in Shanghai.