In 2014, with the institutional accreditation, the German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat/WR) recognised Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin’s buildup and establishment, equipment, teaching concept and basic plan. The Council advises the Federal Government and the state governments on matters related to contentual and structural developments of the universities, science and research.  

Underlining their decision, the WR explicitly acknowledges “that since its foundation, Quadriga University has shown determined and stringent progress and has therefore been able to successfully establish itself with a convincing professional profile and highly demanded degree programmes.” The Council particularly stresses “the close linkage of teaching and research to professional practice, the students’ access to a broad network of decision makers in public relations and organisational communication, politics and the media as well as an individually tailored mentoring programme”.

After the state recognition, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin was already able to accredit their study programme with top grades as early as 2011.